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Tumbling for Gymnast,Cheerleaders, and U

Excellence in Body, Mind & Soul


Tumbling enhances many aspects of athlete’s developmental stages. 

Teaching from an “athlete’s view” is a priority at Uzelac Gymnastics.

Tumbling concepts, skills and movement are taught to the athlete in a safe, fun filled, environment. 

The classes are designed to enhance skill development at the athlete’s individual pace.

  We recognize the need to let the athlete progress at there own developmental rate.

Each athlete is treated individually based on his or her own needs. 

Goals are achieved through the athletes own individual progress. 

Be encouraged with your athlete’s progress;

what may seem like a tiny progression is a HUGE progression in their eyes.

All our coaches are USA Gymnastics safety certified. 

All lesson plans are designed and based on

USA Gymnastics standards.

Our Tumbling Program is geared toward the child looking to improve their tumbling skills for gymnastics or cheerleading.

We focus only on the fundamentals of tumbling skills from the foundation to advance level skills.

Our program is taught with many different apparatuses including spring loaded floors,

composite rod tumbling tracks, in-ground foam-filled pits and many different types of mats.

 Each level has certain criteria of accomplishment before an athlete is elevated to the next level. 

This criterion assures the athlete of progression at their abilities and pace and not the groups!

Private Lessons are offered at an additional fee. All private lessons must be scheduled with the front office only! 

Please ask our office staff for more details

Tumbling -Beginners
Ages: 4 years old and older
1 Hour class per week
$10.00 per class  
Tumbling -Advanced
Ages: 4 years old and older
1 Hour class per week
$10.00 per class 
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