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How do I register and pay for any Uzelac Gymnastics Program or classes?

Each of our sites have have an office and office staff.  You can register for any of the classes or programs that are held at each site.  Not all classes are held at each site. Please call the facility you will attend and check with our office staff about a particular program or class you are interested in.  Once a member of our program, you can pay at our gym office or secure online portal through a Parent Portal using IClassPro software.


What should my child wear for class?


Your child may wear shorts and a tee shirt, however, we do offer leotards (Leos) for both boys and girls at our Pro-Shops at each facility.  Check with our office staff for more details.  In the near future, you will be able to purchase Uzelac Gymnastics merchandise online on our website!

Are your classes insured?


Uzelac Gymnastics is fully insured and so is your child when they register and pay a yearly membership fee!  


What are your term dates?


Most of our classes run as a Session.  A session is for 8 weeks. We will have 6 Sessions per year. If a program is not run as a session, it will be monthly.

Are your teachers qualified?

All of our teachers, instructors and coaches follow strict guidelines under neath USA Gymnastics rules and regulation.  Our instructors are all have to be safety certified and U100 training through USA Gymnastics.  They all must pass background checks in accordance to State and Federal laws.


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


You can join any of our programs at anytime!  We will prorate the remaining session or classes for you.


Can parents watch?


Yes, we encourage parents to watch, however, we also encourage that parents and siblings not in the program, to remain in designated seating areas during class time. We emphasize not to contact your child during their class time, in efforts to keep there focus where it needs to be.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


That all depends on what program or class your child will take.  For the most part, we try and limit coaches to student ratios to 1:8, however, that may vary depending on the class and/or situation

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