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As soon as you can walk

you can join the fun!

Pre-School Gymnastics Classes















Pre-school gymnastics is where it all begins. It enhances many aspects of a child’s developmental stages. Teaching from a “child’s view” is a priority at Uzelac Gymnastics.


Primary gymnastics concepts, skills and movement are taught to children

who are walking to 5 years of age in a safe, fun filled environment. 

The classes are designed to enhance age appropriate skills. 

We recognize the need to let the children progress at there own developmental rate.

Each child is treated individually based on his or her own needs. 

Goals are achieved through the child’s own individual progress. 

Be encouraged with your preschoolers progress;

what may seem like a tiny progression is a HUGE progression in a child’s eyes.

All our coaches are USAG safety certified. 

The Preschool Program Director is KAT (Kinder Accreditation for Teaching) and

MELP (Movement Education for Lesson Planning) certified.

All lesson plans are designed and based on USA Gymnastics standards.

Tiny Stars
Mom, Dad & Me
Ages: Walking to 2 years old
45 minute classes
$85.00 per session
Little Stars
Look! I'm All Grown Up
Ages: 3 years to 5 years
50 minute classes
$90.00 per session

Our Tiny Stars (the Parent and Me Program)

is designed for the youngest athlete, utilizing

infants' natural movement instincts, such as crawling,

climbing and jumping in order to develop early

awareness of their bodies and their environment.

Movement is a critical development stage in a child'

growth. This program is a chance for the parent to interact

with the child druing all activities.

Our Little Stars (Look! I'm All Grown Up Program)

is designed to allow every child to safely develop

the basic skills of coordination, strength and flexibility.

In this program, the child learns to participate without

the parent and interacts with their peers in a critical

developmental stage and is promoted during the circuits.

Even if a child encompasses all ranges of developmental

stages so that the child will be prepared for future

gymnastics classes

 Gymnastics For All Ages 

Class Time Structure

1.  Supervised “free play”
Children warm up in a supervised area to acclimate with each other and interact with their peers. (Before Class)

2.  Roll Call Time
Children are introduced to their peers and instructor.  This encourages children to interact in a social setting.

3.  Warm Up Circuit
Instructors utilize specifically designed, age appropriate warm up activities to develop large muscle groups (running, bear walks, bunny jumps, etc).

4.  Stretching
Instructors utilize specifically designed, age appropriate stretching activities to develop smaller muscle groups to enhance flexibility.

5.  Main Circuit
Children work at the same time but at different stations.  More difficult skills are spotted (aided by a coach) and others are independent stations.  This is done to help children with sequential learning, memory development, and retention.  During this time a new skill may be introduced by the coach.

6.  Group Loco-motor
The children work in a group with energy filled activities (parachute, music, dancing).

7.  Cool Down
The children have “circle time” with their instructor to say good bye and talk about new skills and reinforce previously attained skills.

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